We're two siblings, brother and sister, passionate about traveling and explore the world.
Our childhood was full of adventure, explorations, being scouts and roaming with our backpacks. We've always been free spirits, hard to keep at home.
We grew up selling comics down the street for few cents and helping out our grandma who was - and still is - an old fashioned italian tailor. 
While being distant for almost two years, we thought about a way to combine Tommaso's business management skills and Irene's creativity.
In less than six months Busking Bears was born.
The project reflects our past experiences and our goals for the future. The core of our business is to put the highlights on italian design as well as the quality of our materials.
With a keen eye on eco-friendly fabrics and minor details, our products are the result of personal activities: years of hiking, trekking, extreme sports and camping.
Busking Bears is a brand for explorers, adventurers and weekenders who care about wearing comfortable clothes as well as looking good in them.