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Oh, the road to Christmas.
Are you enjoying all the street lights and the inevitable thought of the upcoming family reunion?
We sure do.
But let us guide you through the last week before Christmas with some good old inspirational things (that may or may not help you out with the Christmas presents).

Above: DIY Advent totems via Heju

Below: Rorschach Type Project by Iaia Ioio Studio.
Very interesting!

An interesting project about getting dressed every day
( via Rookie Mag )

An amazing creative Photo Booklet about Berlin by Camille Palandjian, made after a trip to the german capital during this year. We love it!

Now sit back, relax and watch Grimes' documentary "Art Angel".

"At first, I guess, there was just Grimes," she says in the documentary. "I don't technically have control of her narrative anymore—she very much exists in pop culture now. Grimes as one person cannot represent more than a couple of ideas. That's why I started developing some of the other characters, like really abstract from who I am and how I am."

Have a nice day and week!


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The following list of etsy picks is a personal wishlist!
Hope you'll enjoy it.

I Speak Fluent Sarcasm Tshirt / Link

Roller Derby Iron On Patch / Link

Ecosystems Multipurpose Card Set / Link

So so beautiful / Link

Circles Maxi Canvas Bag / Link

Sketch Print Top / Link

Tumbler Cups / Link

Hope you liked it!
Have a nice evening,

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Last weekend couldn't have been more satisfying than this:



I've organized an event in Trieste, involving Dr. Pira (a famous comic artist), people from Corpoc (you may remember them since they've printed some Busking Bears' tshirts) and a couple of friends who own a distro (so many fanzines where settled on the table).
It was great and inspiring and now that I'm done with this task I can focus on the next one (a roller derby event eheh).

My first suggestion for today is Dr. Pira himself. He started making comics in the late 90s and he basically never stopped. His style is crazy and random, I like it! The comics are all in italian and you can read them online on 
To know more about the trilogy "Gatto Mondadory" click here.

Today I've been quite impressed by the work on "Sociedad Anonima" an eclectic mexican studio.
Click here and take a look at their portfolio.

The next pick is something nice to watch.
"Forest 500" is the world's first ratings agency for rainforests. It tracks how key companies, investors and governments are performing in the race to remove deforestation from global supply chains.
'Forest 500' was produced for the COP 21 Climate Conference in Paris, 2015. It is the third film Moth Collective has made for the Global Canopy Programme, a tropical forest think tank working to demonstrate the scientific, political and business case for safeguarding tropical forests as natural capital.
To find out more about Forest500 and the Global Canopy Programme, visit and

Forest 500 from Moth on Vimeo.

Speaking about Climate Change, here's Andreco 's last piece in Paris.
More on his instagram.

Something nice to own and play with: City Scratch-off Maps
(via Chronicle Books)

Hope you're having a nice day!
See you on thursday for the etsy finds.

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Here's another thursday of wonders!
How was your day? Mine was pretty busy so I just couldn't wait to sit down and pick some cool stuff.
Hope you'll enjoy!

Landscape Pillow Cover / link

Metallic Gold Nature Pattern Screen Printed Notebook / Link

The Stripe-A-Thon Hat in Cactus & Coral / Link

Origami Ornament / Link

Vintage Ice Skates / Link

Gold Studded Pillow Cover in Black / Link

B/W White Ceramic Plate / Link

Have a great weekend!

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Good morning and good monday folks!
Mondays aren't easy and ain't nobody got time for dat, but here's a sequence of things that might help you go through this unfortunate day of the week.

The first one is an article (italian only) that I've just read, written by Annamaria Testa.
It's a short serie of advices on how to overcome procrastination and give yourself a good start with pretty much anything. You can read it here.

I immediately felt impressed looking at jfrede's "The Fiction Landscape" serie. It consist in a deep research through flea markets to find pictures and framing them in order to create non-existing landscapes.

Tilen Ti 's watercolor pieces are another great thing I've found today. I've never been to much into watercolors but these are too beautiful!

Alright, "Winter is coming" is not just a phase: it's definitely winter now and you might have took the ugly 100% wool sweaters off the shelf, haven't you?
This woman , in the name of Nicola Congdon, has been working for six months knitting sweaters to keep her chickens warm amidst the winter season’s freezing temperatures. 
Now, the 25-years-old woman is receiving special requests for hen sweaters. Rather than selling these knitted creations for her own benefit, Congdon has been donating all the proceeds to an AIDS orphanage in South Africa.

Stiankorntvedruud 's "Daily spoon" project is incredibly awesome. Stian created a spoon per day for a whole year, perfectioning his tecnique exploring its functionalities.
Click here to see the full project. 

The startup Groovebox Living launched a serie of extremely versatile "outdoor objects". Just watch the video below and prepare to order yours!

I hope I've lighten up your day a little!
Have a nice monday,

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It's really cold right now.
I'm sitting at my favorite cafe eating a brownie and sipping a cappuccino, trying to warm my fingertips.
Winter is here and Trieste is possibly the worst in this time of the year, because of the bora (a strong wind that blows just in this particular area).

Do you know what warms my heart like no heater can possibly do? Some good design pieces.
Here's what I've recently found on Etsy.

Art Print - Natural Living / Link

Pillow -  Handwoven Wool / Link

Fold Over Sling Bag with Genuine Leather Strap / Link

Coastal Cottages Tote Bag / Link 

Tray - Vases - Designed by Depeapa / Link

Frauklaner Icosahedron Planters (made of concrete) / Link

Campfire Stool / Link

Hope you had a great week so far.
See you next time!

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MONDAY MORNING (afternoon) #6

Hello buskers!
How was your weekend?
Mine has been pretty busy and went from signing papers for an upcoming roller derby event to go enjoying a theatre show with my mum (hi, mum).

By the way, second time in a row being late for the monday morning post, I know. This morning I woke up later than usual (my biological alarm clock is set up for 8am but today rang one hour later) and I've started working on my laptop directly in bed.
That's a bad habit that I should break, but since it tends to happen just once a week I've decided to let it happen.

Speaking about habits, do you know how many objects you touch during a day (I can barely remember what I ate for lunch)?
Paola Zuccotti's project is a research through people's lives and habits and it also became a book, which we highly recommend. If you want to read through the project's history go here.

Esthera Preda's watercolor illustrations, because yes!

If you're a designer and you basically can't stand kitschy things (that's me), make sure to light up your Christmas with these graphic ornaments by Krogh Studio!

I've seen lots of animal shaped pillows around - yes, I'm talking with you, Tiger stores! - but this one is the best I've come across so far.

via Etsy 

Oh, and I've found this cool mug on Modcloth. Actually I'm a bit obsessed with mugs since I drink gallons of hot tea - also during summer, gh.

Hope you're having a nice monday!
Now it's time for roller derby training for me.
See you soon!

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Saturday Suggestions: Belogradchik Rocks in Bulgaria

Good morning!

This time I would like to talk about a place where I've been some years ago. A jewel inside the surprisingly not well-known Bulgaria.

This place is called Belogradchik Rocks: one of the World's heritage sites located in the North-West of the country, close to the Danube river.

These weird-shaped rocks are the result of millions of years of sea water that used to cover the land. The compression of the salty water mixed with the sand contribute to the erosion of the rocks as they are nowadays.

Every stone has its own name and story. The most famous are: Adam and Eve, the Schoolgirl, the Bear, the Shepherd Boy, the Dervish, the First Slabstone, the Camel, the Mushrooms, the Madonna.

One of the most famous stories is that of the Madonna. The legend says that there was a nun who felt in love with a man with a white horse and got pregnant from him. When she decided to leave the nunnery the monks discovered her secret and once it happened the Madonna, the Man with the white horse and the Monks were all transformed in rocks.

As I anticipated before, I have been there some years ago and here's the picture of me (on the right) with other Erasmus friends from italy, Belgium and Netherlands. Good old times!

Have a nice Sunday :)

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Good evening adventurers,
where are have you been today?

I've mostly been working from home and from my favourite place in Trieste, "Mimì & Cocotte".
It feels great to work from their table: the noise of people talking makes me concentrate far better than being surrounded by silence at home.

Just one of the amazing homemade stuff you can find there, yum!

But let's start with our etsy finds of the week, shall we?

Watercolor Illustrated magnets because yes! / link

Ticket pin / link

"I'm hot for you" print / link

Travel notebook / link

2016 Wall Calendar by oelwein / link 

The original Aviator Leather Travel Mug / link 

Winter Landscape Mug Teal / Link

Have a nice evening!

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Yes, today has been a busy day for me. I've just came back from an amazing weekend of roller derby and I'm still recovering from all the awesomeness.

Here's a list of small findings that will possibly give you a smile (I think we all might need that in these days).

Small Happy Face Ring / link

Winter is the perfect month for DIY projects. Sitting on the couch with your fav tv show with a hot tea maybe? We do know this project we found on Poppytalk will amaze you. Ready for some yarn awesomeness?

Are you into street art as much as we are? Then stop for a second to appreciate the amazing pieces by Carne, an italian artist who actually comes from our region.

"30 Days of Cats" is a nice and well illustrated book created by the venezuelan artist Victoria Fernàndez. You can get it on her esty shop: here's the link.

#30daysofcats book from Victoria Fernández on Vimeo.

This photographic serie by the photographer Antoine Geiger gives you another perspective on how mobile devices are affecting our lives. "Sur-Fake" is a research; it is placing the screen as an object of "mass subculture", alienating the relation to our own body, and more generally to the physical world.

Are you in for another video? We found this perfectly done stop motion animation about autism and we think you can take one minute of your time and watch it because it's awesome! Read the full article and watch the "Behind the scenes" here.

I hope you had an amazing day. We'll catch up on thursday for the Etsy Picks!


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Saturday Suggestions: Bled Lake in Slovenia

Good morning!
Since we live close to it today I'd like to write something about Slovenia. Have you ever heard about this little and beautiful country that hides a lot of treasuries ready to be discovered?

Located in the North-West of Slovenia, Bled is a touristic attraction no matter the period of the year.
By the way my personal opinion is that it's better to go there during Christmas holidays.

The village is distributed around the perimeter of the lake, with a little island and the Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage church just in the middle of the lake, and with its iconic castle over the hill dominating the landscape.

As I mentioned before, I've been there two years ago with my girlfriend and I was surprised on how many activities Bled provides: there are spas, hotels with saunas and thermal baths, gyms, beer, museums, trails for hikers, little trails for families, canoying on the lake, beer, many good restaurants, and did I mentioned beer?

Last important thing I want to share with you is that from Italy the Bled village is reachable easily by direct train called "Transalpina" from Gorizia. What are you waiting for?

Have a nice weekend guys :)

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Ready for another thursday of wonders?
This time it's all about bags, backpacks, pouches, totes and all you can use to organize your everyday items.

Hand-Printed Pouch in organic cotton / Link here

Wood Felt MacBook Pro 15" Sleeve  //  Link

MacBook Air Hard Sleeve / Gosh, how cool is this? / Link here

Graphic design crossbody bag in faux leather / Link

Grey Velvet Backpack, handmade / Link

Black Small Leather Backpack / Link

Mikanu Line Shopper / Link

Have a nice thursday!


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Hello adventurers, how are things going?
I hope your weekend has been better than mine: the flu caught me and this time I could not escape. No skatepark, no traveling, just my bed and me.
It felt boring at first, but then I must admit I felt better and relieved. Now I have new energy to face the upcoming week.

Speaking about energy, we can feel it all through the designs of Camille Walala, based in London and proposing a wide range of explosive patterns and colors.

Bored of your routine and looking for a good excuse to live the dream? Read about the story of the couple that left their 9/5 jobs behind and started a new exciting life.

If you haven't had a look at Main Sauvage's website well, you should. The reason is the picture below.

How cool is this packaging? Design studio Horse has created the brand identity and packaging for TÅPPED, leading the creation of the organic birch water market in the UK. Considered nature's detox, birch water is a traditional drink and medicinal ingredient in Finland.

You may have seen the famous italian artist Tellas working on its new piece in Cagliari.
If you haven't yet, this is the perfect occasion since it's mesmerizing. (via Gorgo)

If you happen to be in Amsterdam for some reason, make sure you don't miss the chance to enter "De Hortus", a botanical garden located in the city centre of the dutch capital. "De Hortus" is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world and it quite deserves a visit. (source)

Hope you're having a nice monday.


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Monte Busca Volcano: the smallest volcano in Italy

Today I've found something really odd in the obscure and hidden web.

I am Italian, and I didn't have idea that this thing really exists.
I'm speaking about the Monte Busca Volcano, located in the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy).

Actually, it is not a real volcano. 

Here's the explanation: the flame is the consequence of the mixing between the natural gas that comes outside the soil and the oxygen present in the air. The result is a constant flame that had been used during the WWII for cooking, warming and segnaling the presence of soldiers.

Nowadays is just a touristic attraction, not actually well known.

Since it is reachable only by car it is understandable why it is not much visited, but if you're planning a road trip in that part of the country it is absolutely a must-to-see.

Do not forget to visit Tuscany, Rimini, and the San Marino Republic near there!

Have a nice weekend!

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Yay, it's thursday again. And this doesn't only mean the weekend is almost here (yeah, mostly) but also that I've picked some cool stuff from Etsy and I'll share it with you.

This period of the year is the one we usually get obsessed by agendas and monthly planner for the year ahead - at least, that would be me. I always think it'll be too late to get it last minute: what if they run out of my favorite one?
Don't let time fool you and grab your agenda now!
(or you can get a Filofax - there's always time for a Filofax)

Pocket monthly planner / Link

Alright sorry, this is not an agenda. But how cool is it? / link

Black Hustle Daily Planner / link 

Wow, this lady looks like me (same shirt, same tattoo position and font) / link

A very girly one / link

Custom color? Yes, please! / link

Great idea! I'm actually in need of this blog post planner / link

Hope you liked this one. Which agenda will you grab for 2016?


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Good week! Are you in for another monday? Honestly I had some major problems waking up today and that's probably because I've had an awesome weekend. How about yours?

Let's have a look at some inspirational stuff to wake us up, shall we?

Fancy to get a treat to warm up your day a little? Kelli Murray has just the right thing for you.
Click here for a quick n' easy recipe to taste your own Caramel Apple Cider Float. Yum!

Wait, what? Graphic images that are actually photographs? Unbelievable, but true: Erik Madigan Heck's work is interesting and unusual. The picture below is part of a shooting for Junya Watanabe Fall 2015 Collection. Click here to appreciate the full gallery.

Leonie Bos ' illustrations: just wow.

Alright, I feel kinda confused about these shelves and tables designed by designer/architect Max Voytenko. Aren't they amazing? 

Seriously if you still don't know Carlos Molina's work you really should stop what you're doint and take a look at his portfolio. I'm speechless! ( and his Instagram as well )

This article by "Hand Luggage Only" tells you what to do once in Edinburgh (a city that I LOVE). I wish I would have read it before!

I hope you're having a lovely day! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below and see you on thursday for the "Etsy Picks".


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Another thursday of cool Etsy finds. I myself was waiting for this since it's a nice way to stay inspired and active.

A Satchel that speaks "fall" out loud : I'm in love with this shade of orange! / link here

Alright, this might be a summer dress but ... layers, anyone? / link here

How perfect is this lapel pin? / available here

Wild Animals Notebook by Clap Clap Design / found here

"Say yes to new adventures" / grey organic sweatshirt by Depeapa / link here

"Strange Days" canvas tote bag by TriangleTrees / get yours here

Cotton Message Mini Doll / Big Bad Wolf / found here

Hope you liked this week's selection.
Don't forget to link me something that you found on Etsy!


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The Sea Awaits

The sea awaits. It sounds like a poetry for us.

The Sea Awaits - Gym bag

It all begins in Trieste, a seaside city in Italy where in July we participated the first handmade market of our life: Barbacan Produce.

It has been a funny and intense experience, where not only we have received feedbacks from our lovely customers but also we have had the occasion to meet so many wonderful sellers of different craftmade products.

During lunchtime I had not visited the market yet, so I decided to left my sister Irene for a while to look at what the others were doing meanwhile. 

As I said, there were a wide range of sellers and many different products but what caught my attention were some wooden made fishes. I met the artist, a nice guy called Lorenzo, 40 years old more or less, who told me that his "job" consists in gathering  from beaches some old wood branches which have been carried by the waves of the sea for many kilometers and time.
Lorenzo was so happy to tell me everything about him and his work, which he do not actually considers work at all but pure passion to do what he loves.

The Sea Awaits tote bag on the left, gym bag on the right

After this incredible and deep moment I came back to the Busking Bears' stand and told to my sister what happened to me few minutes before. Irene wrote down some notes and a quick illustration about fishes and the sea.

Trieste is a seaside, and every year in October one of the major sailing events happened to be in this city, the Barcolana competition.
It is a moment for the entire city to have fun, drink into the streets and taste new food coming from every place in the world. Furthermore, a new handmade market edition of Barbacan Produce took place during the Barcolana event.

We decided to participate again to the handmade market in Trieste with some products that are dedicated to the sea and that can inspire someone to travel because The Sea Awaits You.

The Sea Awaits gym bag on Busking Bears' shop: LINK
The Sea Awaits light blue tote bag on Busking Bears' shop: LINK
The Sea Awaits navy tote bag on Busking Bears' shop: LINK

Have a nice day sailors!

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Yet another week has begun. Ready to face reality?
Maybe we can grab our second/third/fourth (woops, hopefully not!) cup of coffee and go through this together.
Here's my selection for today.

1. Interesting illustrated project for the Deutsche Bahn (german railway). An interactive career orientation tool targeted at young people looking for a job. Want to try it out? Click here
Based on the results, I'd be an office manager. What did you get?

2. Fancy for a new free font to add to your collection? Here's Lombok, created by Alexandre Pietra.

3. Hungry? Don't worry, there's a book that will make you possibly hungrier. Filled with nice-looking illustrations, "Taste" is an awesome product born by the mind of Vicky Turner. Check it out!

4. "How to be an essentialist" an inspiring article served by Kinfolk, written by Greg McKeown

5. I have a thing for scandinavian style regarding design, home decor and pretty much everything.  This is why "My Scandinavian Home" is one of my favourite blogs ever.

6. Well designed (by Cody Petts) and funny, this Cocktail Kit is definitely eye-catching. The kits themselves are pocket sized and can be transported anywhere. They include two main ingredients alongside a recipe instruction card and a muddler spoon. 

7. Wait, what? A living type made out of bacteria? Apparently it's all true: created in a lab by Israeli designer Ori Elisar for his final project at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the project is a new innovative approach to lettering and it deserves a look.

Don't forget to tell me how's your monday going.

Have a nice one!

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Saturday Suggestions: Trieste (Italy)

I'm so happy to write posts in this section called "Saturday Suggestion"! It excites me because it'll be a tour of every place I've been and where I've found serendipity.

Guess which place I want to start from? Yes you can read it in the title, Trieste.

During these last 3/4 years when I meet new non Italian people and they ask me which city I come from, our conversation goes like is: "I live a hundred kilometers to Venice" - "Oh really? I love Venice, but you're not so close to it. Where exactly do you live?" - "Well... it's a city called Trieste, next to the border with Slovenia, I don't think you..." - "Trieste?!? I know it! I've been there last year when bla bla bla...".

Trieste is known, and there's more than a reason for this.

Piazza Unità d'Italia

Let's say you've got just 5 minutes for visiting Trieste. The most important thing that I'd suggest you to watch is Piazza Unità d'Italia. A large square faced to the Adriatic Sea that used to be the old port of the city and nowadays it is a perfect example of Austro-Hungarian architecture, a nice environment for drinking a coffee, chatting and take some monumental pictures.

2 minutes from the square it is possible to admire the Canal Grande with its typical Austrian buildings and the S. Antonio church at the end of it.

Canal Grande

Or, if you just want to enjoy the sun no place is better than Molo Audace, in front of Piazza Unità d'Italia

Molo Audace

For those who are more willing to discover the Austrian origins of this city a must-to-visit is for sure the Miramare Castle, the old House of Habsburg.

Miramare Castle

The more I'm writing, the more I realize there are plenty of things worth to be discovered, as the Piazza Cavana.

Piazza Cavana

Do you like being immersed into the nature? Trieste is located next to a natural reserve called Val Rosandra.

Val Rosandra

And finally, my favourite one. If you like handmade markets as much as we do you cannot miss the Barbacan Produce market in Piazza Barbacan which takes place every three months.

Barbacan Produce in Piazza Barbacan

Do you want to know more about this splendid city? Leave us a comment in the section below or in our Facebook page. We'll be glad to answer to every single question.

Have a nice weekend guys, I hope I've inspired you for an outdoor trip to Trieste.

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