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I've been around for a while and I'm always astonished by all the amazing things I spot on Etsy everyday.
In this serie I'll pick a few of my favourites and share them with you. Hope you'll enjoy!

Handwoven Blanket Wrap / Black sheep and white sheep / link

In Wilderness We Trust / Patch / link

Travel Journal / link

Awesome wooden pins! / link

Custom rubber stamps / link

Wander Patch, a great one! / link

"The Answer is Always Tacos" Pennant / I can't agree more! / link

Don't forget to link your favourites in the comments section below.

Have an amazing day!

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The Minerals Tshirt

The “Minerals” tee.
Everyone asks: why the minerals? Why did you decide to put them everywhere? Which material is it made of?

Ladies and gentlemen, sit down on your chair/sofa/bed and relax, because now every answer (and more) will be given to you!

One of the things I love most in being an active part of Busking Bears is that I have to personally take the big thousand pages catalogue, read every product description of plain t-shirts, pay attention on materials composition, shape, colors, ethical of the production process , order the chosen products and finally test them.

Busking Bears is a brand for adventurers, travelers and hikers, so essentially people who sweat. A lot.

Our best selling tee, the “Minerals” has been tested by myself during the long way to Santiago: a 800 kilometers (about 500 miles) hike from the border between France and Spain to Santiago, close to the Atlantic Ocean.
It has been an hard, intense, hurting, funny and emotional experience. 

What I didn’t believe at first was the freshness that the Minerals tee would have guaranteed to my body. It is 100% ring-spun cotton textile so basically one of the most breathable cotton that I’ve ever experienced!

The result for a person who likes to hike, run and sweat (because I know you like to sweat) is the same of a “Decathlon fluo t-shirt 100% polyester”.

And what about the minerals? Why the minerals and not, let’s say… tomatoes?

My sister Irene made the illustration of this particular object.
In that period she was so obsessed with natural science handbook designs that we agreed to print on our apparel something that everyone of us has treaded on during a walk in the mountains surrounded by nature.

The sound of the trekking shoes on minerals and rocks on the path is symbolic for us. Being boy scouts for long part of our lives and living close to the Alps are the deep reasons of our choice.

Finally, the screen-printing. 
It’s been hard, but the professional screenprinters of Corpoc (Bergamo, Italy) did a great job since they used a particular frame and printing technique. And the rest is history.

I’m happy about my sister’s choice to print the minerals in full-front as a fall from the sky.
It’s particular, unusual and totally unique. 

The men "Minerals" tshirt in our etsy shop: LINK

The women "Minerals" tshirt in our etsy shop: LINK

Have a nice day,

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Everybody hates mondays, it's a fact.
I know I'm not the only one out there: I never think about monday as a new beginning but more as a curse, so I'm the first one who needs a good old kick to start the week.
From now on, I'll try to make your monday mornings less rough with a little bit of inspiration.

1. Going to Amsterdam? Then you might want to get an unusual and well designed guide. Here's a nice one, designed by Mara Vissers and Judith van der Velden.

2. I've recently came across the work of Liekeland, and you should too. She's a great designer and illustrator with a twist: each of her illustrations is printed on Arctic Paper from Sweden. With only a minimum amount of water and energy Arctic Paper produces ecological and FSC-certified types of paper.

3. If you haven't read "The Outsiders" (Gestalten) yet, maybe you should. I bought this book last week and I can't be happier: great pictures, great stories, aka great publication.

4. If I've designed our "Minerals" tshirt there's a reason for sure: since I was a kid I've always been attracted by stones, pebbles, rocks and minerals. I found this awesome Minerals calendar, enjoy!

5. Aw, this patch. Do I need to say more? I would love to have it straight on my denim jacket!

6. I don't know what's your relationship with cactus: I'm terrible at keeping plants alive and cactus are on the list as well. I'd prefer seeing them as a pattern, why not on socks?

7. I'm into notebooks and sketchbooks and I can't imagine to have none in the house. I keep more than once at time for various functions (illustrating, small notes, diary, agenda ... the list is long). I found this cool one by BirdPlusBird: cool design and eco-friendly recycled paper.

Hope this will do. Tell me about your monday and if you liked my selection.
Now I'll probably go to get my third coffee.

Have a nice day!

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Busking Bears team starts blogging

Welcome to Busking Bears' blog, a place for inspiration, exchanging ideas and an overview on our daily life.

If you don't know us, don't worry, here a small presentation of us two.

"Us" who?

We're two siblings, Irene and Tommaso Dose, passionate about traveling and explore the world.

Our childhood was full of adventure, explorations, being scouts and roaming with our backpacks. We've always been free spirits, hard to keep at home.
We grew up selling comics down the street for few cents and helping out our grandma who was - and still is - an old fashioned italian tailor. 
While being distant for almost two years, we thought about a way to combine Tommaso's business management skills and Irene's creativity.
In less than six months Busking Bears was born.

The project reflects our past experiences and our goals for the future. The core of our business is to put the highlights on italian design as well as the quality of our materials.
With a keen eye on eco-friendly fabrics and minor details, our products are the result of personal activities: years of hiking, trekking, extreme sports and camping.

Busking Bears is a brand for explorers, adventurers and weekenders who care about wearing comfortable clothes as well as looking good in them.

You can find us online in our Etsy shop, where you can take a look at our products range; we are quite active on Facebook and Instagram as well.
We love to receive pictures of people traveling around the world - especially if they're testing our tshirts or backpacks -, so please feel free to share your experience using our hashtag #buskingbears

For business enquiries or just say "hi" drop us a line at buskingbears[at]

Hope to hear from you soon!

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